Service FAQ

1) What products are serviceable?

- Only Apple products are serviceable. We accept Macbooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis, Thunderbolt Displays, iPads, iPods and iPhones.

- However, iPhones purchased from Telco DiGi must be referred back to DiGi Center.

- Certain Apple products model might not be serviceable here in Malaysia due to our country's regulations and rules. 


2) What should i bring in order to get my Apple products serviced?

- For main device in which having Serial Number (SN), customer may bring only the device. It is recommended to bring along the Proof-Of-Purchase (PoP) in case any discrepancies.

- For accessories, customer must bring the unit and the PoP


3) What preparations should i do before coming in to Service Center?

- Ensure all data are backed-up (However, for Mac products, data back-up service available at RM200. No data back-up service for iOS products).

- Arrange for temporary unit to use while waiting for unit to be repaired/replaced. No loaner unit available.

- Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod feature for iOS devices. We do not accept unit for service with Active FMiP feature. Kindly contact AppleCare at 1-800-803-638, from Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 6PM for assistance regarding this.


4) How long does it take to service my Apple product?

- For all Apple products, repair/replacement will take up to 14 working days (Exclude weekend and Public Holiday).

- This is subjected to Customer Clearance and SIRIM Approval as most parts/replacements comes from Apple Warehouse in Singapore.


5) Any charges for service?

- For Out-Of-Warranty (OOW) unit, upfront payment of RM64 is charged and it is not refundable. This is to diagnose the unit. Full Quotation will be provided roughly within 7 working days.

- For In-Warranty (IW) unit, no charges if it is a hardware failure due to manufacturing defect. However, if it is due to Accidental Damage such as Screen Crack, Liquid Damage and etc, charges apply. Any Software-related issue also is chargeable as software is not covered in warranty.

- For Apple Repair Extension Program, no charges if part affected falls under the coverage. However, parts that are not covered are chargeable and quotation will be provided.


6) What kind of service available?

- For Macs Product (Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display), only repair option is available.

- For iOS Products (iPhone, iPad, iPod), both repair and replacement option available. However, repair option is limited to certain parts and models only.


7) For iOS Products, are the replacement a new unit?

- Replacement unit is a service replacement set, comes in a white box, sealed and will be unboxed in front of customer upon collection. The box will be returned to Apple. All replacement unit will be just the unit itself, without accessories and without box.


8) Will my warranty be extended after repair/replacement?

- Warranty for the repaired part or replacement unit will be of 90 days from the day notification for repair completion is received. However, if the original warranty is longer, the warranty shall follow the original warranty

- Example, unit is bought on 02/12/2014, send in for service on 30/11/2015, the new warranty will be 90 days.

- Example, unit is bought on 02/06/2015, send in for service on 30/11/2015, the warranty continue from original until 01/06/2016.


9) How am i updated or keep informed on my service status?

- All customers will be updated by email on the status of the service. 

- Customers may also call the Service Center and refer to the Service Report (SR) number to ask the current progress or status




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    Opia Akera Matthew
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    May I know my service Iphone 6 for ticket no 182370, report no SR152162. Many thanks.

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    Ahmad Syazwan Nasaruddin

    Dear Mohd Aziz Sulaiman,

    As per SR152162, we've sent the quotation for the Display replacement on the same day the unit is send-in for service, 26th May 2017, Friday. We're currently waiting on your decision for this. Thanks.

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    This morning I made transfer to Machine Account (through Maybank). I also talked to Mr Saufi Azhar. Could check my transfer?

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    Lee Zun Yuen

    Hi i would like to check any update on SR165672,the status seem not moving..

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    Tan Chong Siang

    Hi i paid for my ipad pro. I want my ipad pro not the refund. I have lodged a conplaint to apple us. Order #6255

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    Taufiq Rahmani

    Hello. Can you check my ref no . WSMF0000739 or this no , RR060911MFMYW2218

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    Fakhrul Messi

    hello, can i know how to track my lost iphone?

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