Machines+ Membership T&C

Terms and Conditions of Use


1. You must be a resident in Malaysia with a Malaysian NRIC number and be at least 18 years old, on the date of registration to be eligible to apply for Machines' cardless reward programme (Machines+ membership).

2. You are only eligible to apply for and own one (1) valid Membership at any one time. Machines Group Sdn Bhd ("Machines") reserves the right to reject additional or multiple applications if Machines determines in its absolute discretion that the applications are made by the same person.

3. You must apply for the membership in person by completing the registration at any of Machines outlet and presenting your MyKad if you are a Malaysian citizen or such other personal identification as required by Machines.

Use of Membership

4. The Membership is valid for use at all participating Machines outlets ("Outlets/Outlet”). A current list of Outlets is available at here for Machines. 

5. You must present your MyKad to the cashier of the Outlet at the time of purchase in order to earn and redeem points and to receive the benefits and privileges that are on offer from time to time. The Outlet and Machines are not obliged to backdate any points transactions. A valid membership ID must be entered during Check Out for online purchases to be eligible for points reward. 

6. No points or Machines+ privileges will be awarded if you do not not present your MyKad or NRIC for membership identification at the cashiers BEFORE payment. No points will be awarded if ID provided does not verified with the registered database for online purchase. 

7. Use of Machines+ membership benefits is for personal use only. It is not applicable for corporate purchases in any form unless stated otherwise in writing.

Application Fee

8. An application fee of RM30.00 for a 1 year application is payable to Machines upon registering your application to join the Membership. This fee is not refundable.

Earning and Redeeming Points

9. Every RM1 spent at Machines stores or Machines Online ( entitles you to one (1) Machines+ points. Points reward and membership privileges not applicable with any purchase at Machines' Lazada store

10. Members may start redeeming with min. 5000 Bonus Points for a RM30 Machines+ voucher. Voucher redemption has to be done in multiples of 5000 Bonus Points. Each voucher is valid for 60 days from the date of redemption. Voucher redemption is limited to one (1) voucher per transaction. Machines is not responsible for reinstating expired Machines+ Points or vouchers.

11. Birthday voucher is valid for 30 days from date of issued with valid and active account. Redeemable at all Outlets.

12. Machines reserves the right to deduct Points, not to credit any Points earned or allow redemption of any Points in the event that Machines has a reasonable suspicion that the Points were earned or redeemed fraudulently or in error.

13. In the event Machines has a reasonable suspicion that the Points were earned or redeemed fraudulently or in error, Machines reserves the right to suspend a transaction at any time without notice pending further investigation and/or proof of the transaction.

14. Points earned via a Points Earning Transaction cannot be redeemed for cash.

15. Machines may vary the value attached to each Point from time to time.

Refunds by Outlets, void and offline transactions

16. All terms and conditions of Machines 'Return Policy' will apply to all purchases made by Machines+ members. If a Machines+ member refunds/returns any items for which Machines+ Points have been credited, corresponding number of Bonus Points for the items returned will be removed from Machines+ member's account. A member is required to present MyKad and NRIC number when making a purchase refund during exchange. Machines reserves the rights in its sole and absolute discretion to reverse in its entirety or partially the earning or redemption of the Points on any Machines+ Membership points.

17. No points will be rewarded for any OFFLINE transactions.

Points balance

18. You may check your Points balance by logging in to Machines+ Membership Webportal.


19. The Membership is valid for 1 year from the date your application is accepted or from the date the Machines+ Membership is renewed.

20. The Machines+ Membership can be renewed by registering with any Outlet by paying the renewal fee of RM30.00 for one (1) year. This fee is not refundable.

21. Points earned or brought forward remain valid for redemption for so long as the Machines+ Membership to which it relates remains valid and active.

22. Upon revocation, cancellation or termination of the Membership, all Points earned or brought forward but not redeemed under the expired, revoked, canceled or terminated account will be automatically forfeited and Machines will not be liable for any compensation to the cardholder in relation to the forfeiture.

23. Upon membership expiration, all point(s) will expire after 2 years of inactivity. 

Membership cancellation

24. Prior to expiry, you may cancel your Membership by request at any Outlet or email Upon cancellation, all remainder Points earned but not redeemed under your canceled Membership will be forfeited and Machines will not be liable for any compensation or to pay any refunds to the member in relation to the forfeiture.

Disputed transactions

25. Kindly send your queries to

26. Machines is not obliged to process a request relating to a disputed transaction if the request is received after 7 days from the date of the transaction. All 


27. The Membership is not transferable nor shareable with any other than the registered member. Machines and the Outlets reserve the rights to request that you provide sufficient personal identification evidence for verification.

28. Machines agrees that the personal information relating to and provided by you under the Membership Programme which would be regarded confidential by reasonable persons will be kept confidential except for the purposes of exercising and performing the Machines', its subsidiaries', related companies' and its agents' rights and obligations under the Membership Terms and Conditions of Use and in relation to the Membership Programme. For the avoidance of doubt, by applying for the Membership you hereby authorise Machines, its subsidiaries, related companies and its agents to use your personal information disclosed under the Membership Programme for its marketing and other related purposes.

29. Machines reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion and at any time, to : 

(a) reject any application for the Membership without having to provide reasons;

(b) revoke or terminate the Membership without having to provide reasons; 

(c) suspend or terminate the Membership Programme without having to provide reasons.

30. Machines, its subsidiaries, related companies and its agents and the Outlets are not liable for any lose, damage, cost and expense incurred by you or any third party arising from the use of the Membership Programme.

31. Should you have any disputes, complaints or any feedback pertaining to the above, please contact Machines via email at or by telephone at +603 9212 2606.

32. In the event of any inconsistency in relation to a Membership matter between these Membership Terms and Conditions of Use and a provision in any other document, these Membership Terms and Conditions of Use would prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

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